This is an unprecedented time, many of us are having to think again about how we respond to the Coronavirus threat. The use of a car has become an essential part of our everyday life, this is why the government has made garages an exception to the ‘Lockdown’ rules.
As a business we are open, but we have a responsibility to our staff members to keep their place of work safe, as well as to our regular customers to keep your vehicles safe.
We will be open for as long as we can be, but are working with reduced staffing numbers.

With that in mind we are doing the following:

MOT tests.
Repairs necessary to pass the MOT test.
Scheduled servicing for key workers only.
Breakdown repairs where the lack of vehicle would cause extreme difficulty in the household.

But please bear in mind that with some parts we are having supply issues, so we may not be able to carry out necessary repairs, or the repairs might be significantly delayed.

If you are over 70, or in another vulnerable group, please ask us about collection and delivery if you live locally.

Thank you for your understanding.